Security Nuts

Well how did you come up with this?

The University Of Southern California is a great school, don't get what I am about to say wrong. But every time I come out of my dorm in the morning I legitimately wonder is my bike going to be there. And if yes, will it have both wheels. At USC bike racks look more like graveyards. It's never very comforting parking your bike next to a single wheel, or maybe a bike missing a front tire. After having two front tires stolen I decided enough was enough.
This idea sprouted from this inconvenience for myself as well as other students. Instead of spending lots of time and money buying multiple bike locks and having to lock it each time, security nuts provides a one time security guarantee.
Security Nuts will eliminate the option of losing wheels, by 100%, allowing for peace of mind when your away. They are unique because unlike conventional locks, they provide you with protection in the front as well in the back with one single product.
Missing a wheel is a hassle, and I want to save you the migraine. So, Relax, Its still there!